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Gluten Free  Vegetarian Gluten Free Option available


Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread
Cheesy Garlic Bread $7.00
Tasmanian Oysters Natural, Kilpatrick or Japanese pickled (cucumber, ginger + soy) Min Order 3 $2.10
Soup of the Day + warm rustic bread
Crisp Prawn Cigars, house made with filo pastry, prawns, lemon +sweet chilli $7.00
Salt + Pepper Squid aioli + lemon
Tasmanian Scallops crumbed, tartare $14.00


Meals at the Bridport Hotel

Mains Lunch + Dinner

New Zealand Green Lip Chilli Mussels napoli sauce, warm rustic bread $18.00
Tasmanian Scallops either tempura + thick chips, garden salad, tartare or curried on jasmine rice $23.00
Salt + Pepper Squid thick chips, Greek salad, chilli + coriander aioli
Fishermans Basket tempura fish of the day, tempura prawns, tempura Tasmanian scallops, salt + pepper squid, thick chips, tartare $24.50
Fish of the Day tempura or grilled, or crispy,  thick chips, garden salad, tartare $24.50
Tiger Prawns Garlic chilli cream sauce + jasmine rice $21.00
Bangers & Mash gourmet sausages, creamy mashed potato + onion gravy $18.00
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad free range chicken, crisp cos,bacon, croutons, parmesan + free range poached egg $18.00
Tasmanian Lamb Shanks, merlot + rosemary braised shanks, creamy mashed potato $23.00
Spaghetti Bolognese, prime beef mince, b bolognese sauce + parmesan $17.00
Crispy Scottsdale Pork Belly slow roasted on creamy mash, seasonal vegetables, apple chutney, brandy honey sauce $24.00
Bronx Chicken Burger, tomato, sweet chilli mayo, iceberg lettuce, thick chips $16.00
Black Angus Beef Burger, iceberg lettuce, cheese, beetroot, tomato, thick chips + tomato sauce $16.00
Free Range Chicken Schnitzel done your way, seasonal vegetables + potato bake or chips + garden salad
(a) Parmigiana 
topped with napoli sauce and grilled cheese
(b) Surf
topped with creamy garlic + chilli prawns
(c) Plain
Gravy, Mushroom or Pepper Sauce
$ $20.00
$ $25.00
$ $19.00
Pumpkin Rissotto Pumpkin, mushroom, spring onion, baby spinach + fetta $18.00
Tasmanian Scotch Fillet 300g seasonal vegetables + potato bake or chips + garden salad, choice of gravy, mushroom or pepper sauce $28.00
Tasmanian Rump Steak 300g seasonal vegetables + potato bake or chips + garden salad, choice of gravy, mushroom or pepper sauce $24.00
Surf + Turf 300g Tasmanian rump steak, topped with creamy garlic prawns + scallops, seasonal vegetables + potato bake or chips + garden salad $31.00


Garden Salad  $6.00
Greek Salad $8.00
Caesar Salad poached egg $10.00
Creamy Mash $3.00
Pumpkin Salad $9.00
Potato Salad $7.90
Potato Bake $4.00
Seasonal Vegetables  $3.00
Chips – small$3.90 $4.00
Chips – large$6.00 $6.00
Extra Garlic Chilli Cream Sauce $3.00



Fish + Chips tempura fish of the day
Spagnetti Bolognese topped with tasty cheese $9.00
Chicken Nuggets + Chips
Half Parmi + Chips $12.00
Kids Roast of the Day – seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes, gravy $10.00
All with FREE icecream – if you eat it all up!

Scallopscaesar salad